In Need
September 9, 2020, 12:00 PM

We got a call from a lady who retired from Lutheran Services in New York, Nancy Haines.

Her sister lives here in Lakeland.  She wanted to know if there was anyone willing to help her sister who will be released from Rehab soon.

She will be staying at her son's house, but will need a companion during the day while her son and daughter in law are  at work.  Most likely eight hours a day, however, the hours would be flexible as her college age grandson may stay with her when his schedule allows.  Home Health would be coming in to check on her as well as a physical therapist to work with her walking.  She doesn't have any contagious disease or COVID.  The goal is to get her back into her own house which is two doors down from her son.  

Ms. Haines left her number for anyone to call if interested.  Please call the church secretary for that number is you are able to help Nancy. Thank you!